Accounting software for small business

  • What is Librant?

    Librant is a accounting software solution for small businesses. It allows you to monitor your financial situation such as bank accounts, assets, cashflow, liabilities, revenues and expenses.

    You can create custom categories and view them in detailed or summarised form.

    You can invite your friends/family members to see or edit your book.

    It is based on double entry bookkeeping system and hierarchical account chart. So, you can create a basic or complicated book depending on your requirements.

Easy to use

It doesn't demand unnecessary information.

All accounts

Assets, cash, bank accounts, liabilities, incomes, expenses.


High security supplied by Amazon AWS cloud services.

Multiple asset management

Manage multiple wallets, bank accounts and other assets.

Wide reporting options

Transactions, summaries, filters, groups.

Hierarchical categorisation

Top view and deep view experience by power of hierarchical accounts.


What our Customers Says


Forever free for alpha/beta users.

Librant is still in alpha release and completely free of charge. It will always be free for the users who become a member during alpha/beta period including future releases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Example question?

Example answer.

Can I create my own categorisation.

Yes. Librant provides a generic category template. You can manipulate this or If you prefer you can create a brand new one from scract.

Can I share my Librant with someone to record new transactions and to see reports?

Yes you can. You can invite people by using their email address and you can assign a read only or editor role to them.

My expences are confidential information. Are they safe? Do you share our information with other companies?

We keep our data in Amazon AWS servers, most secure server environment in the world. We never share your data with any other companies. This guarantee is in our privacy policy which has been provided to Android Google Play and Apple Store.

Download Anywhere

Available for all major mobile platforms. Install and start to use.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.